Trignon is a solution engineering company that applies emerging technologies to complex and interesting business problems. We bring fresh thinking to challenges in various disciplines and domains.

Trignon uses the extensive knowledge and experience of its team across technology and industry to create innovative solutions that cater to the specific demands of our clients.

At Trignon, we take advantage of frameworks and tools developed internally as well as available commercially to rapidly create unique solutions.

Enterprise mobility and remote collaboration; information management and sharing; and, the healthcare industry are areas of focus for the team at Trignon.

Why Choose Us ?
Trust... Innovation... Collaboration

Trignon lives by its motto of providing innovative thinking in a collaborative fashion while fostering a relationship based on trust

Trust Trust - Our relationships with our clients and our partners are based on establishing a high level of trust in each other.

Innovation Innovation - By assembling the best capabilities and solutions across multiple disciplines and fostering a collaborative environment, Trignon ensures innovative thinking.

Collaboration Collaboration - Collaboration is accomplished by engaging our clients and our delivery partners in a delivery model that aligns everyone's interest towards the singular goal of addressing the client's business challenge


Trignon Updates

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